Arts & Crafts

Velvet Paintings is a type of painting distinguished by the use of velvet (usually black velvet) as the support, in place of canvas, paper, or similar materials. The velvet provides an especially dark background against which colours stand out brightly. We have huge collection of God,Goddess,Animal and Scenery paintings.

Pictures & Posters For the majority of Hindus, the most important religious path is bhakti (devotion) to personal gods. There are a wide variety of gods to choose from. We have a good collection of Pictures. Painting and Posters as an art form has flourished in India from very early periods as is evident from literary sources and also from the remnants that have been discovered. Posters of Hindu Gods, Jesus Christ, Buddha and others are also featured in our collection.

Brass figurinesCarved to perfection, these decorative brass crafts, brass figures, metal figures, brass statues come in elegant designs.Our intricately animal figurine, brass figurine, wild animal figurine and brass figurine statue add to the grandeur of the surroundings.

Fashion HandbagsOur exclusive range of exquisite quality and flexible style handbags will spark up your personal wherever you go like in evening party, wedding ceremony or in any other special occasion. Our products are the latest in inspired handbags and up to date in fashion trend. You can be as trendy and versatile with our wide range of designer wholesale handbags and purses. We carry a good collection of indian fashioned purses. Please visit.

Decorative Gifts An elegant room in your home would appear even more elegant and sophisticated with the addition of wall hangings.

Peacock feathers of the peacock are composed of many colors, including Crescent sheens of bright blue and green. Peacock feather is a nice decorative piece and we carry in all different sizes.

Arts-Crafts Kolam designs have been tradionally handed down to the younger generation by the elders. There are enthusiasts who create fresh new designs, but kolams are basically redrawn by the public following the designs.