Indian Jewelry

Exotic collection of Indian jewelry, bridal jewellery, jewelry and necklaces. Necklace embedded with colorful stones and beads. Jewellery can be worn for occasions. Makes a beautiful gift.Exemplary designs, precious stones and the adroit craftsmanship of Indian designers and artisans have given the birth to new line of Indian fashion jewelry which is elegant, captivating and defines attitude of individuals to make a ravishing statement in the world of fashion jewelry.

Necklace These fashion necklaces have an exotic and tribal appeal and are worn by those who just love to make fashion statements. These multi-colored beads and glass necklaces perfectly complement the slender neck of a fair maiden.

Necklace Necklace_4

Bangles & Bracelets Styles as elegant and designs as diverse as the beauty of a lady. Our bracelets and Bangles are meant to hug and adorn her tender wrists. Cosmos Indian Specialty store presents Fashion Jewelry Bracelets and Bangles made of glass, beads and metals. These ethnic and modern patterns cater to different tastes across the world.

Bangles_3 Bangles_4klets Anklets are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn around the ankle. They are popularly known as “Payal” or “Pajeb” and are worn by kids as well as young and old women. The Indian anklets are very famous over the world and are reputed for their beautiful carvings, embellishments, and countless styles. Traditionally, anklets used to be worn by unmarried girls in India. An anklet usually has small bells that make a very sweet noise while walking thus drawing attention to the wearer’s feet.

Anklet_2 Anklets_4Ankelts_6

 Ear/Nose/Toe Rings Cosmos Indian Specialty store presents an exquisite collection of earrings that have gained popularity over the years!












Bindi Collection We carry bindis for all occasions and parts of your body. Coming in attractive shapes and designs, we have an ultimate collection to beautify your body. Commonly called as body jewels, body dots, body stickers, bindis hold a special importance in a woman’s life and we makes it more special, more functional, and more attractive.










Body Jewelry  has a distinct and unique appeal. As we encourage innovation and creativity, we are constantly adding new patterns to our already wide collection. The present day fashion conscious women believes in special decoration of each and every part of body.






Belly dance Jewelry  We carry great silver and gold color bracelets. Our necklaces are very detailed. We also carry very nice finger bracelets with single finger holds or all five fingers. Our earrings are beautiful and very light.Theses anklets are the flexible type chain rather than the solid type, very comfortable to wear and dance in.


.Green _Belly_danceRed_Belly_2Blue _Belly_dancePurple_Belly